Elementary School

(7 to 12 Years Old)

Self Directed Learning Strength Based Approach

We focus on the development of the internal strength and building external strength. We highly believe that the only quality which is missing in children is experience. This can be gained if given good guidance by adults. We truly inspired by sociopolitical belief of having autonomy in childhood is the best way to become an adult who is comfortable functioning within society.Sri Arians are given unlimited time to play, explore and pursue their own interests during the day.

How Your Children Can Explore Their True Potential In Sri Aria Elementary School?

Student Centred And Differentiated Teaching

Focuses On The Development Of The Internal Strength And Building External Strength

Free Age Mixing Among Young Children And Adolescents To Encourage Empathy And Pro Social Skills

Emphasis On Problem Based And Project Based Work

Authentic Assessments

Guided By Our Malaysian Education Blueprint (KSSR) And Sri Aria

Sri Aria Elementary School Registration Process

Enrollment Submission

1) Application Form
2) Required Documents

Application Fee (1000 MYR)

Eligibility Check

Student Interview

Trial Session (1 week)

Trial Review

Upon acceptance of enrollment, Parents will receive Letter of Offer