Junior College

Enrollment starts at 12 or 13 years old

Why Sri Aria Junior College Is What Your Children Need For Better Future?

Mapping The Skills Set To Match With The Future & Industry Demand

Offers Higher Soft Skills Training With Hard & Challenging Skills

Creates Future-Ready Employee, Employers & Leaders

Continue To Preserves Creative Minds Of Our Potential Future Leaders

Embarking Into An Ambitious Adventure Of Redesigning The Education Landscape

Provides Learning Experience Where Capabilities & Skills Will Continue To Evolve Into An Essential Resource Based

Sri Aria Is Committed In Redesigning Your Children’s Education Landscape

13 - 15 Years Old

Preparatory Stage

16 - 17 Years Old

Pathway Option :
Industrial OR Academic Route

Sri Aria Junior College Registration Process

Enrollment Submission

1) Application Form
2) Required Documents

Application Fee (1000 MYR)

Eligibility Check

Students Interview
(Zoom or Face to Face)

Trial Session (1 week)

Trial Review

Upon acceptance of enrollment, Parents will receive Letter of Offer